UV solutions for commercial and industrial environments? Chief Mechanical Services are the HVAC experts you are seeking. 

Chief Mechanical Services are the market leaders in HVAC ultra violet solutions for indoor air quality, cleansing and disinfection. With cutting edge technology sourced from around the globe, they can assist with a custom solution, servicing and maintenance of your UV Lighting and HVAC system.

Ultra violet in HVAC is now a mainstream practice

The use of UV lighting in a HVAC system is a mainstream practice in 2021 with even greater acceptance levels following 24 months of local pandemic. Using UV light in a HVAC system both prevents and eliminates the growth or pooling of organic material (from airborne particles) in the systems internal mechanics. For those working in medical, healthcare, large offices, education and food production there is heightened usage and demand for these products where safety is paramount. In line with public awareness of contagions, consumer apartment buildings and residential houses are now also showing interest in the product. 

Ultra violet light and improving air quality 

Current urban and suburban life sees us spend most of our time indoors be it at home, work or school. The more time that we spend in enclosed spaces the more important air quality becomes. In years gone by scientists identified the concept of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS.) Since the understanding that being indoors for long periods can make people ill with sore throats, headaches, fatigue etc it has now been identified that a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning can actually be the cause. 

Poor air quality means so much more than just poor air… 

It is estimated that that poor air quality from sick buildings increases sick leave by 5%*. As well as causing staffing issues poor air quality is also proven to decrease productivity and increase the occurrence of respiratory ailments. HVAC systems can be a cause for cross-contamination between a space’s air supply and air extraction. Low air quality or inappropriate air re-circulation can also be the source of problems and confirms just why your HVAC team must be experts in their field.

Ultra violet experts, Chief Mechanical Services 

At Chief Mechanical Services our team are your partners in HVAC excellence. Our highly qualified team can offer you tailored solutions whether you are an existing or new build installation. As industry leaders we can confidently advise on how your environment can best harness the many benefits of UV lights in your HVAC infrastructure.

Most simply, Ultra violet light operates on the same wavelength that germs can exist. As a result, ultra violet light can be used in the germicidal wavelength to disinfect air, surface and water. UV is able to penetrate the membrane of a germ call and destroy its DNA structure, rendering it sterile. Because the germ cell can no longer reproduce or spread it then dies. 

UV is not just for germ-fighting 

Whilst we as a society are currently in a hyper-vigilant state regarding germs, infections and contagions, UV lights can deliver benefits beyond the obvious. 

UV-V is a strategy for odour neutralisation and as such deliver’s benefits in traditionally smelly environments such as manufacturing, athletic facilities including gyms and locker rooms, food preparation and cooking areas in restaurants and animal containment or kennels and high smoke and fume concentration areas such as smoking rooms in Clubs or airports. 

Installing UV lights in your HVAC systems is proven to keep your infrastructure cleaner and as such reduces operational and running costs as well as reducing downtime. 

Any! As a simple yet incredibly effective solution, UV can be used in almost any environment. Its high efficacy makes it suitable for any space which requires the highest level of cleanliness or sterility including hospitals, medical labs, nursing homes / aged care and childcare facilities. As this technology is further embraced as a proven and affordable strategy other industries such as airports, schools, government buildings, hotels and more have begun to adopt it.

Every HVAC system should incorporate UV

  • Reduce energy consumption:

    Optimise system performance and save money with the addition of UV to HVAC by adding UV lighting to your HVAC system, you can reduce energy consumption. It is interesting to note that that UV lighting system itself doesn’t conserve any energy.

  • Improved airflow

     Reduce microbial build-up and the growth of other organic materials on air filters, cooling coils, drain pans, and duct surfaces with the installation of UV to your HVAC. This simple and cost-effective add on will improve your airflow, keep your entire HVAC system working like new and in the long term save you money.

  • Reduced disease transmission

     The upgrade of HVAC systems to incorporate UV is proven to reduce disease transmission  UV lighting kills nasties that would normally thrive in the system reducing their re-circulation into the space or growth in the unit.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your HVAC to incorporate the many benefits of UV technology. Contact Sydney’s leading experts, Chief Mechanical Services, for more information on harnessing the incredible power and many benefits of ultra violet light. 

*The International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy estimates