Air Conditioning Upgrades

Sometimes your Sydney air conditioning requirements demand something that is upgraded for a specific purposes, heightened safety, performance or aesthetics.

The team at Chief Mechanical Services are able to offer the following air conditioning upgrades: (use a list format for SEO and each of this list should click below to full text)

  • Bacteria & Virus Killing UV Lights by Chief
  • Eliminate Bathroom Grills
  • Air purifiers
  • Concealment Screens
  • WIFI Adapters (Advanced handheld control from your mobile)

Explore any of these Sydney air conditioning upgrades or contact the Chief Mechanical Services team for expert advice on the best air conditioning upgrades for your specific needs.

Bacteria & Virus Killing UV Lights

The Defender is a scientifically tested air conditioning retro-fit which is proven to purify germs and bacteria that circulate within the air through your machines. Harnessing the power of naturally made Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides the Defender affordably brings a heightened level of safety, cleanliness and security to your venue. Click here for more information on installing bacteria & virus killing UV lights into your home or business.

Eliminate Bathroom Grills

Adequate ventilation is an important, but often underrated feature for bathrooms in residential homes, and even more so in commercial premises, such as hotels, motels and aged care homes.  The Eliminate Bathroom Grill from Chief Mechanical Services increases airflow and reduced smells, mould and condensation. With a contemporary modern look, the Eliminate Bathroom Grill is easy to clean and is proven to improve general air quality in traditionally confined spaces.

WIFI Adapters: Daikin Mobile Controller

Using the Daikin Mobile Controller take your air conditioners functionality to higher levels with the convenience of an easy app on your mobile phone. Operate and control your Daikin wall mounted air conditioning unit via Apple or Android and enjoy the many benefits of being able to operate your system – anywhere, anytime.

Air Purifiers

Help keep the air around you healthy and hygienic! Enjoy the many health, safety and comfort benefits of partner Daikin’s Air Purifier. This smart technology improves the quality of your indoor air utilising an advanced 6-layer filtration technology to purifies eliminate bacteria, airborne particles and odours. With ultra-quiet operating sound levels the Daikin Air Purifier is perfect for use during the night. Ideal also for allergy and eczema sufferers, the compact in size yet highly powerful Daikin Air Purifier removes airborne allergens such as dust, pollen and pollution reducing annoying itchy, sneezy symptoms.

Air Conditioner Unit Concealment Screens

Whilst the Chief Mechanical Services team always ensure every installation looks as neat and attractive as possible some locations benefit from a concealment screen. The CMS team have specifically designed a product that delivers a streamlined, clean look leaving your building aesthetic complimented with a professional finish. Unlike off the shelf solutions our air conditioner unit concealment screens are also designed and installed to meet the minimum clearances required to protect the safe and efficient operation of your air conditioning unit.

Easy to install and fully customisable to your building’s look and feel, an air conditioning concealment unit can dramatically improve the look of your air conditioning install.

Contact the Sydney air conditioning experts, Chief Mechanical Services today for more information on any of these air conditioning upgrade options. Call our offices on 0415 623 733 or contact us here.