Air Conditioning Maintenance & Service  

When it comes to Sydney air conditioning service and maintenance Chief Mechanical Services are your expert partners in performance, protection & reliability.

Regularly maintaining your air conditioner and having it serviced on a routine basis ensures best possible performance and mechanical reliability. There is many benefits to a well-maintained air conditioning system including:

  • Sydney air conditioner maintenance increases machine efficiency (and can recover lost efficiency)
  • Air conditioner maintenance saves you money by running your machine at optimal levels for power consumption reducing your electricity bill
  • Air conditioner maintenance prevents health hazards and keeps the recycled air as clean as possible
  • Air conditioner maintenance prevents annoying and expensive breakdowns
  • Air conditioner maintenance prolongs the life of the unit, maximising your capital investment
  • Air conditioner maintenance in the long term saves you time and money
  • Sydney air conditioner maintenance supports installation and manufacturer warranties

Why choose us for your Sydney air conditioning service or maintenance?

The Chief Mechanical team’s Service Engineers are professional, highly skilled and have vast experience across all brands of air conditioning system. To ensure your heating / cooling system is in optimal working condition with routine servicing contact Chief Mechanical Services today. Click here more information on our team!

How often should I service my air conditioning?

Let the expert team from Chief Mechanical guide you on how often you should service your air conditioning. Our recommendation is that:

  • Commercial air conditioning service should be conducted XXX and is best managed under an ongoing service & maintenance contract – contact us for more information!
  • Residential air conditioning should be conducted annually – contact us to book yours in today!

What does air conditioning maintenance and service with Chief Mechanical Services entail?

When the expert engineers from Chief Mechanical service & maintain your air conditioning they will routinely:

  • Clean the condensing unit coils
  • Clean the evaporator coils
  • Check the amp draw of the compressor and all components
  • Oil the fan motors (as required)
  • Check the belts are all tight and well adjusted
  • Check the system operating pressures against the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Check the system operating temperatures against the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Check the refrigerant level
  • Check the thermostats and sensors
  • Tighten all electrical terminals
  • Check all ductwork for air leaks and damage
  • Check the operation of all zone motors
  • Check and test condensate tray, drains and P trap
  • Check all safety devices 

 For more expert advice on air conditioning service and maintenance contact the team today.