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Fire safety services and fire safety compliance is a key responsibility for strata, facility and building managers. This complex area requires thorough knowledge, attention to detail and strict reporting standards to concurrently protect the building owner and occupiers both physically and financially.

It is crucial to choose a Sydney fire protection service that is a trusted expert in this field. At Chief Mechanical Services we pride ourselves ultimately on safety – the wellbeing of your team is paramount. Our professional approach includes transparent costs, direct communication and the highest operational standards, making us the ideal contractor for your fire protection requirements.

Sydney fire protection with integrity

Building managers know fire compliance is necessary. They also know just how frustrating, expensive and time consuming this process can be. Choosing the best Sydney fire protection service will minimise risk, downtime and loss of reputation.

Every building needs to maintain their fire safety systems, and this can pose a process and financial challenge for companies. Chief Mechanical Services confidently removes the challenges from Sydney fire protection with skilled technicians, robust systems and efficient processes to ensure that your fire safety systems are always online.

Sydney fire systems delivered with seamless expertise

Chief Mechanical Services has the Sydney fire safety solutions you need to meet the demands of a variety of building applications including industrial, commercial, residential, manufacturing, landmark and critical infrastructure sites. Enjoy the confidence of an expert team, transparent work and a commitment to the highest standards year round. Chief Mechanical Services consistently delivers broad and robust fire safety systems with second-to-none maintenance and support.

Chief Mechanical Services Sydney Fire Protection includes:

  • Installation of Fire Protection Equipment
  • Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment
  • Passive Fire & Smoke System
  • Building Egress
  • Emergency Planning in Facilities
  • Annual Fire Safety Statement
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Annual Building Audits

Contact the team at Chief Mechanical Services today for expert advice and installation of/on a new fire protection system or analysis, maintenance or upgrade of your existing system.

HVAC Fire Safety

Fire, smoke and air dampers testing and certification

It is a mandatory requirement for building owners to maintain the existing Mechanical Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems installed within buildings by receiving and checking Annual Fire Safety Statements in accordance to Australian Standards.

Chief Mechanical Services protection provides both price competitive and efficient services in the annual inspection & testing of Mechanical Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems to ensure the safety of people.

Fire Dampers

Fire Dampers are a critical part of a buildings safety as they assist in the compartmentalisation of fire areas in a building. They are often located in the HVAC ductwork and their purpose is to block the spread of a fire, in effect closing off the duct at a firewall so they work as part of a larger fire system.

As dampers are seldom seen, there can be a tendency to underestimate their importance and as such, some service companies will rush a visual inspection knowing it is unlikely anyone will ever inspect their inspection.

Dampers can be subject to poor installation, corrosion, blockages and impediments, cumulative dust, microbial growth and mechanical failure. As such, the inspections every 5 years are more important than you at first might think. Chief Mechanical Services takes its inspection obligations seriously and has developed a checklist that includes taking pictures so there is a higher quality of inspection and record.

In summary, our checklist also looks at labels, wall penetrations and gaps and packing, operation of the flaps, check for obstructions, connections, the duct and state of fusible link,

Fire Dampers can be automated but typically there are four mechanical types activated by a fusible thermal link. The types of mechanical fire dampers being Curtain, Single Blade, Multi Blade and Ceiling. As part of the building owners fire safety statement you are required to test 20% per year (AS1851) so you effectively test the functionality of all Fire Dampers in your building over a five year period.

A new development in Fire Dampers are Intumescent Fire Dampers. These act by expanding mechanically under heat. As they are a mesh or slat shape, they are not typically yet used in fan forced ducts. They still need to be accessible for inspection and potentially cleaning.

Smoke Dampers

Typically automated and connected to your fire alarm system, they are similar in appearance to Fire Dampers and have plastic or rubber seals.

Smoke and Fire Dampers

Are able to operate as both types, so require the same installation and servicing tests as for each.

Air Dampers

Common for kitchen exhausts. Not required to be tested or included in your annual fire safety statements if they are not part of a smoke spill system.

That said, you should maintain it as with any other mechanical part –  particularly in relation to your duct cleaning.

An inoperative Air Damper can be a big problem if it encumbers your exhaust system.

*Note there can be variations by state and Australian Standards and BCA codes are subject to change so do not rely on this information as advice.